Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Big Two-O!

That's right world. I turned twenty. A whole two decades. Four half decades. Five more years and I'll be a quarter century old. Ok...that was going to far. I'm not that old. But let's face it. I'm the worst blogger on the face of the planet. I haven't blogged since I got that super awesome purple dress with the pockets that I still love to wear all the time. But anyway, that's beside the point. I'm sure you've all established that I'm the worst at blogging by the lack of blog posts. So I didn't need to tell you that. Let's get to the good stuff. So today, February 27, 2013, is my birthday. Let me just tell you how amazing the people in my life are. First, my grandfather emailed me last night with two iTunes gift cards. He also sent a package from Amazon, which was an awesome Bose stereo that I can plug my iPhone right into. He's the best. And that's that. My wonderful parents let me go shopping for clothes, which is one of my favorite things to do. And I even got that gift early because I went shopping in Boise last weekend while we were in town for the Carrie Underwood concert. That was a good weekend. Here is a picture of Reagan and I waiting for the show to begin.

Reagan is beautiful. I look childish. But I was still 19
so give me a break. ;)
We also went out to dinner tonight. Continuing, my beautiful friend Rachel gave me this awesome pair of yoga pants that have super cute blue details. She always knows what I like. :) And Elise was Superwoman for the past few days. This girl has been working her tail off making cupcakes and decorating for my birthday, all while preparing to leave for Europe for a whole month! She is awesome. Here is a picture of me with one of her super awesome cupcakes.

It already has a bite taken out of it.
They were delicious. She made yellow and chocolate cakes with vanilla and chocolate icing. Those are also her super cute pink pompoms in the back behind my head. :) Let's face it, my roommate was just a rockstar this week. It was my turn to teach today for the after-school program. The kids today were the sweetest. Everyone wanted me to sit by them, they all told me happy birthday, and I got a handful of pictures that they had colored. Kids sure know how to make you feel good. Then, there was my sweet boyfriend/kinda fiance 'cause we're planning a wedding except he's still gone, Chris. That boy got me glasses with the cutest frames! They are a pinkish red.

I had just woken up when I put them on.
No, I'm not embarrassed of my face. Or
hair. Or anything else that looks publicly
unacceptable about this photo. 
He also got me a beautiful coral scarf. He's a good scarf picker-outer. I've gotten a lot of Italian scarves over the past year and a half and I've enjoyed every single one of them. He also plotted this little extravaganza.............

Those are six HUGE bouquets of flowers. 
 Unreal, right? So he gave his mother "strict instructions" that I had to have a bouquet that had stargazer lilies from him. This is his bouquet:

So pretty! Some of the lilies haven't bloomed yet.
It will be a wonderful day when they do. :)
And then, the other five bouquets were from each of the girls in his family.....

Holly, his sister

Jami, his sister-in-law

Shellie, his mom

Salem, his sister-in-law

Amber, his sister
Isn't that just the sweetest thing? I cried a little. I'll admit it. :) And then, to top off the entire day, so many of my wonderful friends came over and sang happy birthday and Mike even caught this picture....

To be honest, I'm not sure what to think of this. What
on Earth was I doing?? (Banner in the back: Elise)
But it's ok because I got this........

That boy stuff three whole cupcakes in his mouth at the same time. Mike sure is a treat. During the party, people also signed a poster board card. :) I got some really nice notes. And Nate came over and brought me a delicious Cocoa Bean cupcake that had a pink candle in it. :)

After people started to trickle out, it was just Elise, me, and these four handsome men.

I look like a shrimp. Josh, Brian, Mike, and Joe. (Left to right)
We went to McDonald's and got Shamrock shakes. I had never had one.

Brian talks too much...we still love him, but that is why his is
still mostly full. Josh also let me have his cherry. That is true friendship.
And he bought mine, because he's awesome like that. 
Then Brian raced Elise home while driving my car. Needless to say, between his driving expertise and my car, we won. Then we spent the rest of the night watching Duck Dynasty. I'm not sure why. I don't really care for the show, but apparently everyone else did. I was just perfectly content being in the presence of such awesome people.

Marisa, my beautiful roommate even posted this lovely collage of us on Instagram. She has a package for me that I will get soon. :) She's in Australia at the moment just soaking up the sun.

Gator jacks indoor picnic, thong cookie night, FHE in
the summer time, and the Color Vibe 5k. What would
I do without this girl?!
I, of course, cannot forget about all of the awesome friends that sent me texts, called, or posted on my Facebook wall. You all are incredible. Thanks for making me so happy today. :) I appreciate each and every one of you.

February 27, 2013 was an awesome day to say the least. I have never felt more like a princess. I love birthdays but this one just felt especially special. Thank you to everyone that made this day so perfect.

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