Friday, March 16, 2012

The Best Drink EVER.

If you are reading this, you must finish reading, and then make this drink. It is seriously delicious. Who needs hot chocolate when you have this? I found this recipe on Pinterest, so I'll post the link at the bottom. However I did make a couple adjustments. It's called a butterbeer latte, but there is no beer or coffee in it. So don't be fooled :) obviously the butterbeer references the famous Harry Potter drink. So here it is
2 tbsp butter
2 heaping tbsp brown sugar
1 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla
1/2-1 tsp cinnamon
Put the butter in a pan and brown it. Watch very carefully because brown butter can turn to black butter very quickly. Once you have brown butter turn down the heat to medium low, add the brown sugar and whisk until evenly combined. Let that heat up for a minute and add the milk. Heat until it reaches your desirable drinking temperature, add the vanilla and cinnamon, and pour into a mug. You'll thank me ;)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Have Successfully Finished My First Week....

...of Real Estate school :) Only 4 more to go and I will officially be licensed. :) Well, after I take the test that's scheduled after the course is finished. But you know. :) I might as well tell you why I decided to be a bit ambitious and take these classes.

1. My mom is a real estate agent. She loves her work.
2. She could always use a little extra help. Bwahaha in a good way.
3. I am off-track at college. Basically, there are three "tracks". Each one goes for about 4 months. As a student you are assigned two of the three. I have fall/spring. Which means I don't have to go to school from January to April :)
4. I am still taking online classes. (That really has nothing to do with real estate school.)
5. Real estate can make you good money if you can do it well and do it correctly.
6. I would be able to work around my own school schedule, unlike a part time job with strict scheduling.
7. Great back-up plan for a job since a Bachelor's in Psych doesn't get you much these days.

I can't think of any other reasons...but I'd say that is a pretty good list. :) Needless to say, having class Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. poops me out.

Yes my hair is still long and luscious. It's just pulled into a bun. Don't freak. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Business is Booming. Almost.

 I finally got my Etsy shop up and running! :D It's! Check it out! Don't forget that if you don't have an iPhone, I am still totally willing to make you a case if possible! So don't be discouraged when you only see iPhones. Just message me with which phone you have and I will see what I can do! :D Here's a couple that I made today :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I have a new hobby, and a new best friend...

Hello my fellow bloggers. I must say that I have had a fabulous weekend. It started when I finished all of my homework for my online classes on Friday (usually everything is due on Saturday), so I conquered procrastination, but not without motives. My family planned a trip to Salt Lake City for the weekend, and I certainly didn't want to do homework while I could be shopping. Who would? Then Saturday morning we woke up early and drove the 3 hours to Salt Lake. I've always been a bargain shopper, and I love great deals and sales, so first we went to Nordstrom Rack. I love that store, because I absolutely love Nordstrom. And Nordstrom Rack is all of Nordstrom's end of season stuff that has been discounted a supreme amount. Sometimes they also have stuff that only the Rack sells, but I'm not usually interested. Anyway, I new best that store...His name is...


Isn't he beautiful?! I found him...and I had to have him. He also has an asymmetrical zipper, which is something I've wanted forever. And who knew a cow could smell so wonderful?! With that said, I also got a plain white shirt and a summery citrus colored tank top (both obviously not wonderful enough for a picture, but I will thank myself some day for buying them). I know he will pair wonderfully with my spiky shoes that I purchased a few months ago...they are also quite beautiful and one of my favorite pairs of shoes so they go together like peanut butter and ladies. (Talladega Nights. If you didn't catch that last quote.) Here is a picture of those beauties.

Yes. They will be perfect together. 

In other news....
I have...a new hobby. 
Making these phone covers. They fit iPhone 4 and 4S. I can probably do other phone covers if asked. Just request it if you're interested. I am probably going to sell them on Etsy. I will post a link later when I complete more. Some of them have already sold. I'll explain below in the captions. If you are interested in any of these, or have a request and want one specially made, contact me. :) I'll put the estimated prices for each below. While some may look similar in color or style, each is one-of-a-kind, and I plan on keeping it that way, so no one will have your exact phone cover. :) I plan on having them posted for sale within the next week or two. For now, this will just be my gallery. :) 

These five. The close ups are down below.

This one has turquoise paper overlaid with
white lace, coral colored buttons of different
sizes and shades, a tulle flower with a button
center, and a rhinestone surrounded camera hole.
Estimated cost: $20.

This one has pink and black patterned paper wrapped
with tulle, flat backed white "pearls", rhinestones, both in between
the pearls and surrounding the camera hole, a tulle bow, tied around
a "Love" trinket.
Estimated cost: $20.

Pink paper wrapped with tulle, rhinestones, swarovski crystals,
 and a tulle flower with a button/rhinestone center, with
swarovski crystals glued to different parts of the tulle.
Estimated cost: $20.

This one had turquoise paper, lace overlay, flat
backed pearls, rose tinted swarovski crystals, and two
plastic flowers.
Estimated cost: $30. 

Pink paper, lace overlay, swarovski crystals, some not
tinted and some rose tinted, rhinestones around the camera
hole, two flowers.
Not for sale, already sold.

Black and white paper, wrapped with tulle, two silk flowers,
rhinestones, and flat backed pearls.
Not for sale, already sold.

Large off white fabric flower, vintage paper, lace overlay,
pink flat backed pearls, acrylic rhinestones, and a lace skirt.
Not for sale, defected.
 I would love feedback on these. Please, if you have the time, give me your opinions. :)