Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Road Construction Has Begun!

Hello all.
It's almost summer time.
The weather is warmer.
The sun is shining.
The tank is clean!
And road construction has begun.
I would first like to proclaim my love for my wonderful job. I love it so much. Why? Because it's the greatest. You get to stand and stare at angry drivers all day long while you get flipped off, cussed out, hit on, and whistled at. Also, you get awesome tan lines like this:

I cheated a little. This picture is from last summer, but
you get the point.
And, if you, like me, are slightly allergic to the sun, you get hives. Like this:

Just kidding. That picture is disgusting. :)

You also get really quite dirty.

And you lose your mind a little bit and decide that a pile of ants is the coolest thing you have ever seen. So, you take a picture of them:

As you can see, there are many ants.
You also get to wear this sexy outfit called a hard had, safety glasses, and a reflective vest. 

I felt the blow fish face was totally appropriate.

You also are allowed to park under important signs because... Well because you're important!

Well drivers. Be careful out there. And please, please be nice to the flaggers. They really aren't trying to make you miserable I promise. In fact, we are only trying to keep both you and the construction crew safe. Please don't speed through the construction zones. When a flagger is holding a slow sign, please slow down at least a little bit. And don't be rude. There is something about being in cars that makes people feel like they are invincible. We are people too. Just remember that. :) Love you all. Have a wonderful day and travel safely this summer!

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  1. BWahahahahahah!!!! this makes me all the more excited to be a flagger with you! cannot wait to see what pictures i'll be taking in my sexy hardhat and vest out fit! i loove you hay hay!!