Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Bedtime Protein Shake

Hello again! I just thought I'd share an easy way to make a delicious protein shake! I usually make protein shakes with two different types of protein. One is whey protein, which is perfect when you need protein relatively quickly (pre- or post-workout), and casein, which is very slowly released, making it perfect for bedtime or sometimes in between meals. So knowing the difference between the two is pretty important so that each shake meets your own needs. I highly suggest that you research different types of proteins before you start drinking them up. I'd like to take the time to credit my dad with my knowledge about proteins. :) (He's a pretty smart guy.) Ok, so onto the shake! Every night before bed I make myself a casein protein shake. This helps feed my muscles throughout the night (since it releases slowly), keeping them from breaking down, especially since I will be going without food for the next 8 hours while I sleep. To make this shake, you need the following ingredients (feel free to make any modifications if you are opposed):

1 banana, the browner the better!
1/2 to 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop of casein protein
A dash of cinnamon

If you would like to cut calories, I suggest using half a banana. You will still have the banana taste, but it cuts out about 50 calories. I also prefer browning bananas over the greener ones. When they start to brown, like the one above, they begin to taste sweeter, and break down a little easier. I find that the greener ones taste grassy, which makes your shake taste like grass, which is not delicious. Blend the above ingredients in a blender until well mixed. Remember, the more liquid you add, the thinner the shake will be. Depending on your preference of shake thickness, you may want to add less almond milk.

Please, forgive the dorkiness.
 I just love these so much that I feel obligated to take pictures with them.
Just kidding. :) 

Well-ah! You have a delicious midnight snack that is good for you! If you make it exactly the way it is listed above, the calorie count comes out to about 250 calories, give or take a few depending on your banana size. Play with this recipe a bit. It may not be the perfect consistency the first time. Casein is naturally very thick. You can make a shake for before or after your workouts by using this same recipe and swapping the casein powder for whey protein powder (or another faster-releasing protein), and cutting down on the liquid (whey is not as thick as casein). Now you no longer have to do the "stir with a spoon" method of protein. Take a little extra time to blend and you will thoroughly enjoy your protein. :)

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