Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's been a while...

Hello friends. It's been a while since I've blogged. I must say I'm not the best at keeping up with this thing...but I try. I would just like to proclaim my love for First, I must say that I am the queen of eBay. Let me just explain my past experiences...
I have been selling things on eBay forever. Since I was about 13. Pink sweats resell very well.
So I bought this pair of yoga crop pants a few years ago at Victoria's Secret when they first came out. When they first came out, they were only $24.00. Amazing right? Now you can't even get their yoga shorts for that much, and those are about a quarter of the fabric. Anyway...I had two $10 off coupon, but I couldn't use them at the same time. So I ended up getting one pair for about $14. And then got another pair a few days later for the same price. Fast forward to the present...well...a few months ago. Those pants were getting a little old. I hardly wore them anymore. So...eBay it is. :) I auctioned both of them off. One for $29 and the other for $27. I don't know who wanted to pay that much for used pants...but more power to them. So, I made $28 and got very good use out of those pants.
Next example...
About a year ago, Dillards was having a massive clearance sale, with an additional 25% off of all clearance items. I found a beautiful Coach purse that was marked down to $100. Normally $198. Plus the 25% off equals $75. So I purchased it, used it up until 2 days ago. Then decided to list it on eBay. I was in a search of a new bag for class, and realized that Coach items have a great reselling price. So I listed my own that I purchased a while back (planning to use the money to buy a new bag), starting the auction at $25. Wow, that is really low, you may be saying. Yes, yes it is. I start all of my auctions out low because then people say "Whoa! That is a super low price." And bid. And then more people bid. And then more. And then it isn't about buying the product anymore. It's about competing with all of the other bidders to win! It's about winning. That is the secret to eBay. I will share that with you. :) So, minutes after I listed this purse (literally minutes, less than 5 minutes) I received a message, asking if I would do a Buy It Now option, and if so, how much? So I decided I would take $100 for this purse if they wanted to buy it right away. I don't really like doing buy it now options because it limits the amount that an auction can go for (another secret). When people form their own idea about how much an item is worth, it will surprise you how much an item will go for. So do not put Buy It Now options on your listings. can. But I don't recommend it. This was a different case because it was a private message. And they were obviously interested in this item. So I offered $100. And immediately I received a message saying they would take it. So I revised my listing, put it the buy it now option, and they paid for it immediately. I got paid $25 to use that purse. :) So, that my friends, is why I love eBay.

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