Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Have Successfully Finished My First Week....

...of Real Estate school :) Only 4 more to go and I will officially be licensed. :) Well, after I take the test that's scheduled after the course is finished. But you know. :) I might as well tell you why I decided to be a bit ambitious and take these classes.

1. My mom is a real estate agent. She loves her work.
2. She could always use a little extra help. Bwahaha in a good way.
3. I am off-track at college. Basically, there are three "tracks". Each one goes for about 4 months. As a student you are assigned two of the three. I have fall/spring. Which means I don't have to go to school from January to April :)
4. I am still taking online classes. (That really has nothing to do with real estate school.)
5. Real estate can make you good money if you can do it well and do it correctly.
6. I would be able to work around my own school schedule, unlike a part time job with strict scheduling.
7. Great back-up plan for a job since a Bachelor's in Psych doesn't get you much these days.

I can't think of any other reasons...but I'd say that is a pretty good list. :) Needless to say, having class Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. poops me out.

Yes my hair is still long and luscious. It's just pulled into a bun. Don't freak. :)

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